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Barry From Eastenders AKA Shaun Williamson to Star in Life’s Too Short

Nice little scoop by Josh Gill who interviewed Shaun Williamson for his blog. Williamson is better known to many as “Barry From Eastenders” as he was frequently referred to in Extras. Williamson says in the interview:

I’m doing something with them this summer. They’ve got a new series about Warwick Davis called Life’s Too Short. I’m going to be appearing in that.

Shaun williamson life's too shortWith the inclusion of “Barry from Eastenders” Life’s Too Short is set to become extremely meta. Let’s recap:

  • In Extras Shaun Williamson an exaggerated version of himself as an out of work actor, so remembered for his role in Eastenders that even Stephen Merchant’s character referred to him as Barry.
  • However in Extras Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant played characters, Andy Millman & Darren Lamb.
  • We know that Gervais and Merchant are playing themselves in Life’s Too Short.
  • Warwick Davis has mentioned that in the show some of the writing has him nagging Ricky and Steve (playing themselves) if they’re writing anymore episodes of Extras that he could be in.
  • Could this mean Shaun Williamson will play a similar role? Looking to get more work from the real Steve and Ricky like where he played himself opposite them playing other people?
  • If they play it straight we could have a situation where Shaun will be playing himself referring to playing a warped version of himself in a show were Ricky and Steve didn’t play themselves but all the while being in a show where Warwick Davis is playing a different version of himself!

Already I’m confused! It’s going to be really interesting to see how this plays out.

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