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Cast & Characters

This page will continue to be updated as we learn new information about the cast of Life’s Too Short and the characters they will be playing.

Warwick Davis

Plays himself (exaggerated)

In the show Davis plays a Frankenstein version of himself that combines aspects of his real life (he’s a famous dwarf of the same name) with Curb Your Enthusiasm Style distortions. In the show, unlike in his real life, Davis is going through a divorce, struggling to pay his tax bill and is an egomaniac with literal “short-man-syndrome”, he also runs a talent agency for other showbiz-dwarves.

Rosamund Hanson

Plays Jackie Wilkins

Best known for playing Smell in the Shane Meadows classic This is England, Rosamund Hanson plays Warwick’s not-too-bright assistant.

Jo Enright

Plays Sue

Warwick’s wife, currently filing for divorce and seeing Ian, her solicitor much to Davis’s annoyance.

Matthew Holness

Plays Ian

Ian is Sue’s solicitor. Warwick resents him for being tall and not having ever watched Willow.

Ricky Gervais

Plays Himself

So far as we know is that Ricky Gervais will be playing himself. Whether it’ll be played straight or he will also be an exaggerated version of himself is yet to be seen.

Stephen Merchant

Plays Himself

The same deal as Ricky Gervais. As we discover more details about his character we’ll update this page.

Steve Brody

Plays Warwick’s Accountant

After playing David Brent’s agent in The Office christmas specials and Maggie’s estate agent in Extras Steve Brody has landed himself a third part in a similar mould, playing Warwick’s hapless accountant.

Shaun Williamson

Plays Himself?

Williamson is following up his fan-favourite turn in Extras with another role in a Gervais / Merchant production. It is highly likely he will be playing himself again, though the prospect of him being referred to as “Barry From Eastenders” is less likely.

Celebrity Apperances:

Johnny Depp

Depp has signed on to play a part in Life’s Too Short. At the moment it remains to be seen whether he’ll be playing himself straight, or a twisted version of himself like the celebrity cameos usually were in Extras.

Liam Neeson

Neeson appears in the first episode of the show playing an exaggerated version of his perceived persona as the humourless hard-man. Neeson comes to Gervais and Merchant looking to start a career in comedy.

Helena Bonham Carter

Appears in episode 3 and finds it impossible to act opposite “It” eventually requesting he stand behind a bin with a face on it before agreeing that having him inside the bin might work better.

Right Said Fred

The early nineties stars make a hilarious appearance at the end of episode four. Although still gigging today they are no longer a name you hear very often, making their appearance all the more surreal.

Cat Deeley

Role Unknown

Deeley will be taking a “substantial role” in the series. It seems unlikely that she will be playing herself but this is not yet confirmed.