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Casting Begins on Life’s Too Short

Gervais announced on his blog today that they had begun casting for the show:

Started casting Life’s Too Short this week too. So much fun. First you get frustrated because the exact character in your head doesn’t walk through the door immediately. But if you never just settle for second best then eventually they do. Or even someone better than you imagined. Mackenzie Crook springs to mind. Gareth was originally going to be quite a beefy guy, but when Mackenzie started doing those lines about being a trained killer it was hilarious.

Keep checking back to this site for news and updates on who else is set to star in the show. If Gervais and Merchant stick to their previous way of doing things we can expect anybody not playing themselves to be acted by a relative unknown. Their golden touch has already made big stars of Martin Freeman, McKenzie Crook and Ashley Jensen to name just a few, so these casting sessions will be a huge deal for those trying to impress.

For now, here’s a clip of Gareth from The Office, can anybody imagine how different a show this would have been if he’d been played by a well built guy?

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