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Cat Deeley to Star in Life’s Too Short

Cat Deeley To Star in Life's Too ShortFirst we received the news that Johnny Depp was starring in Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant’s new sitcom Life’s Too Short. Then we found out Barry From Eastenders, AKA Shaun Williamson was also on board. Today we discover that C-List British celebrity Cat Deeley has signed on to play a “sizeable part” in the new sitcom, her first big break into the acting industry after making her name as a presenter.

The news comes from The Sun, not always the most reliable source in the world, but unless we hear different we’ll assume this is legitimate information. The article’s “source” reveals: “Cat’s long been keen to break into acting. Ricky thinks she’s a class act and has made it happen for her. It’s a major role. She’s quite tall at 5ft 9ins and will certainly dwarf Warwick. And she has experience of working with short people – she presented SM:TV Live with Ant and Dec for three years.”

This alleged quote reminds me of a skit Gervais and Merchant did on their old XFM radio show where they questioned the authenticity of a quote given by a woman whose boyfriend had “left her for a vampire”. Why would somebody looking to leak information about Cat Deeley spontaneously decide to add-on a slightly-too-perfect gag about Ant and Dec on the end? We can safely assume that the “source” is just The Sun making quotes up.

Congratulations to Deeley for landing the role, and here’s the XFM clip I just mentioned:

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