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Jo Enright not confirmed for Life’s Too Short after all

A recent Sunday Mercury article revealed, in what seemed like definite language, that Jo Enright would be playing Warwick Davis’s Wife in the forthcoming Life’s Too Short:

SHE’S the short star with a big future ahead of her – thanks to Ricky Gervais.

The Office and Extras creator has cast Jo Enright in his next TV comedy. And despite being only 4ft 10in, she’s actually one of the tallest stars in the show.

Jo, from Erdington in Birmingham, said: “I feel very tall next to Warwick. It’s about the only time I’ve ever towered above someone.

“We’ve just finished filming the pilot and will shoot a full series over the summer. Ricky and Stephen are mainly behind the camera, but also have cameo roles playing themselves.

For whatever reasons it seems this article has jumped the gun, as speaking with Jo over email in search of an interview and some insight into the show she revealed personally:

The cast list for Life’s Too Short has not yet been confirmed. I have not been cast in it. Therefore I will not be giving any interviews about it.

So the confirmation of her role, as revealed by the Sunday Mercury, seems premature. Playing Warwick’s wife in the pilot episode did not, in fact, guarantee her a role in the final show. We’ll keep you posted as to whether she does end up landing the role, but at this time it is by no means guaranteed.



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