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Jo Enright to play Warwick Davis’s Wife in Life’s Too Short

Jo Enright Life's Too ShortComedienne Jo Enright, perhaps best known for her role as Peter Kay’s girlfriend in an episode of Phoenix Knights, is confirmed to be playing Warwick Davis’s Wife in the new Ricky Gervais project Life’s Too Short.

The news comes from Sunday Mercury, a news site which caters to the Birmingham area where Enright is from. In an article published a few days ago they reveal that the 4ft 10in stand-up and actress will play Warwick’s fictional wife in the show. She admits:

I feel very tall next to Warwick. It’s about the only time I’ve ever towered above someone.

She also shares some more details about the show:

  • Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant will be mainly behind the camera only playing small cameo roles in the show.
  • The audition was her and Warwick just improvising, lending more weight to the parallels between the show and Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • “It’s a very small cast, in every sense of the word! It also includes Rosamund Hanson, who played Smell in This Is England.”

This is EnglandRosamund Hanson is no stranger to playing opposite small people: in This is England she shares a kissing scene with Shaun, a character who looks several years her junior and at least a foot shorter. Although Hanson is confirmed (by this article as well as IMDB) we do not yet know what he role in the show will be.

Extra Trivia: Ricky Gervais does not let his atheism influence his casting decisions: Jo Enright is a practicing Christian.

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