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Johnny Depp to star in Life’s Too Short

Clearly Johnny Depp didn’t take offence to Ricky Gervais’ recent celebrity roasting at the golden globes because he’s agreed to appear in Life’s Too Short with Stephen Merchant and Warwick Davis.

Deadline London reports:

He is trying to work out his schedule so he can guest star in an episode of Gervais’ new BBC comedy seriesLife’s Too Short, which, like Gervais’ most recent BBC show, Extras, is also expected to air on HBO. Filming starts in England in May. Life’s Too Short follows a conceited and egomaniac dwarf who runs a talent agency for fellow showbiz dwarves. Warwick Davis stars as the monstrous talent agent.

This also gives us the new information (or at least I hadn’t heard it before) that Warwick’s character in the show is running a talent agency for other particularly small actors. Already the show is beginning to take shape with just a few revealed details and with every piece of new information the concept sounds funnier and funnier!

The Deadline London blurb also mentions Jerry Seinfeld is rumoured to be appearing on the show but Gervais himself quickly nipped this one in the bud on his blog stating:

The Depp bit is true. The Seinfeld bit isn’t.

Johnny Depp is no stranger to making cameo appearances on British comedy shows. In the nineties he popped up on the popular sketch comedy The Fast Show, here’s the video:

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