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Life’s Too Short Episode 3 – Recap & Reviews

Apologies for the late post but here are some of my thoughts about episode three of Life’s Too Short:

The episode introduced Warwick’s dwarf clients who were angry that he was stealing all the best roles for himself. The episode opened with Davis recording material for his new website ( “ was already taken”), beginning with a “showbiz anecdote” about the time Warwick saw Mark Hamill’s “bulge” when he was stripped down to his pants.  The material with the other dwarves was a little hit & miss… the scene where Warwick has to come and collect one of his clients from the police station is hilarious but the extended scene where they perform scenes for their portfolios against a green screen feels a little broad and over the top and the opening sequence where one of Warwick’s clients is being used as a bowling ball for pub louts steps very close to the line of “laughing at them” rather than any kind of meta-critique.

Warwick weasling his way into an interview for The society for people of short stature was extremely reminiscent of David Brent jockying for attention in episode 4 of The Office, Training Day. It was also very funny indeed. Again, while Davis arriving at the meeting on a Segway felt like we’d seen it before it still raised a chuckle… perhaps because we’ve never seen this done with a dwarf. Despite the laugh I hope going forward we see less of this and more of the original humour Gervais and Merchant have pioneered in the past…

… Like Warwick Davis confronting the Internet Troll at his school only to find out he has muscular dystrophy. This sequence would have been hilarious and risky regardless of whether it was Warwick or anybody else playing the scene. It was genuinely fantastic.

This week’s celebrity turn was from Helena Bonham Carter and again it ticked all the right boxes. Funny, original and in this instance made great use of Warwick’s stature for the comedy, having him put literally into a rubbish bin. His attempts to get out after everyone breaks for lunch are brilliant examples of physical comedy, although the slip on the banana peel at the end was unconvincing it was easily forgiven.

Here are some other reviews from around the net:

  • This is easily the best critique I’ve read of the show, courtesy of What Culture.
  • The Independent are very unfavourable not only declaring the work “shoddily derivative” but also calling into question the writing, saying about the sequence where Paul drunkenly falls off his children’s bike and is unable to get himself off his back: “That’s physical humour, not a send-up of our response to it; that’s laughing at him for his body shape, and that’s a shame.”
  • The Metro is again unfavourable. Are we beginning to see a strong anti-Gervais backlash because the quality of the show is lower than expected or has this simply been coming for a while and everybody is jumping on the bandwagon? Personally although I don’t think the show has, so far, matched the heights of Extras or The Office that is not saying too much: Almost nothing can match those shows. If we compare this show to the other comedies on TV it’s probably the thing I’m most looking forward to each week!
  • If you’ve found any other reviews good or bad post them in the comments and I’ll add them to this list.


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