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Life’s Too Short Episode 1 – Recap & Reviews

So, the first episode of Life’s Too Short has just finished airing on BBC2. Stay tuned for my review as well as links to appraisals from other sites and other relevant links and discussion. Feel free to comment below on what you made of episode one. A few quick thoughts:

  • Steve Brody (as Warwick’s Taxman) has now appeared in The Office, Extras and Life’s Too Short. Felt like his character was a little bit of a rehash of Darren Lamb from Extras but will give the benefit of the doubt and see how he develops in future episodes.
  • Felt like Warwick was channeling Ricky Gervais in The Office a lot during the half hour. Some of the looks to camera and some much of the dialogue felt like it was coming straight out of David Brent’s body. Warwick acted great though and it’s hard to put the fault at his feet when Gervais & Merchant are writing it.
  • The Liam Neeson improv scene was the highlight of the episode. Absolutely hilarious. The idea of Spielberg hiring him for Schindler’s List because Neeson is very good at writing lists was inspired. All of it was gold.
  • Smeg from This is England showing up as Warwick’s assistant was a nice touch (although we’ve reported here earlier that she would be in the show) and a great piece of casting.
  • Sean “Barry From Eastenders” Williamson’s small appearance was very well done and, oddly, felt like the most natural celebrity appearance in the show.
  • Warwick caught in the dog-flap after the credits was a brilliant bonus for those who didn’t switch off the TV too soon.
More to come…
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