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Life’s Too Short Receiving Negative Criticism on Reddit

Life’s too Short Episode 6 is already over and with it we’re a step closer to the season finale. With the show largely behind us people are beginning to vent their frustrations. On (a community of hardcore fans of Ricky, Steve & Karl Pilkington) a thread has sprung up with some particularly unkind words. Although I don’t agree with all of what’s said here (I am–in spite of finding faults along the way–still enjoying the show) but it is an interesting observation when we remember that these aren’t critics or people who don’t get the humour, they are self-selected fans of Gervais and Merchant’s previous work!

It sucks. The bit with the washing machine was the final straw for me. Lowest common denominator comedy. Maybe they think they don’t have to work hard because everything they do is gold. It stinks. Those glances to the camera that were so subtle in the office are now made by every single character over and over again. I think Gervais has lost touch. People don’t find height a funny thing, it’s irrelevant to us but it’s written like it’s supposed to be a mirror showing us our attitudes. It’s bullshit. I love everything else they’ve done, saw Merchant stand up a few weeks ago it was brilliant, love the podcasts and the radioshows, meet ricky gervais. I’ve been a fan since 11 o’clock show. This is a terrible terrible show.


I’ve tried to enjoy it but with every new episode it just feels more and more trite and lazy.

Last night’s episode was just awful, the scene with the washing machine and the plumber felt like it was written by Gervais in five minutes in the bath. REACTION SHOT after REACTION SHOT and very few laughs.

The whole show seems to rely almost totally on my finding Warwick’s height hilarious, and it just doesn’t do much for me at all. After the first three knocks at his height it just gets old.

It’s a shame.


I’m guessing the whole thing is a vehicle for cameos that Gervais finds hilarious. It reminds me of what movies in North Korea must be like where someone’s ego is so large they are making a huge production TV show all for one person’s amusement.

Can some explain the door gag to me. He’s having a party, when the doorbell rings, you just open the door. Later on his assistant opens the door like anyone in the world would during a party. I get that it’s supposed to be funny having someone push the door while he rides on it. But they did that gag twice prior… Why did they need to keep it up.

I’m 100% convinced it would be a better show with Karl on his knees like Dorf and redo all the episodes with Karl playing Warwick.

You can read the full thread here: I hate to say it – but I actually dislike Life’s Too Short.

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