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More big name cameos to appear in Life’s Too Short

Ricky Gervais revealed on his blog that Johnny Depp wouldn’t be the only “amazing cameo” in the show. Although it appears we can look forward to lots of surprise appearances, Gervais and Merchant are trying to keep the identities of these celebrities as secret as possible.

Here’s the full quote:

Steve Carell leaves in tonight’s episode. And then the Royal Wedding. Quite a week.

Did the last of the casting today on Life’s Too Short. Some amazing cameos too. You know about the Depp one, but hopefully we might be able to keep a couple of the other really big ones under wraps. Not just because of the surprise factor but because it takes the focus away from the real meat of the show. That happened with Extras a bit. It wasn’t till the last episode that people realised it wasn’t really about all the famous people in it.

I suppose I want people to watch the show because of all the hard work that we put into the writing and directing and producing. And not just because of the ridiculously amazing stars that for some reason still want to work with me despite the fact that I insult them at award shows. Ha ha. Just sayin’ like.

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