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Now Ricky Gervais knows how Stephen Merchant feels

Ricky Gervais blogged: “I know what it feels like to be him now…”

Ricky Gervais Surrounded by Dwarves


4 comments to Now Ricky Gervais knows how Stephen Merchant feels

  • bootsie

    Why don’t you link to the Wikipedia page about Life’s Too Short on your external links section? As you and I both know, it is the original no 1 unoffical resource on the show, not your site, as it has been going much longer and has much more detail than your site. It’s also way better than the Pilkipedia page.

    • admin

      Haha no need to insult my site. I’ll add the Wiki link now, it’s a good idea.

      • Chris

        This site is awful and clearly just a desperate attempt at making money. Nothing on here is original #fail

        • admin

          What original content do you propose? There is very little information about the show at the moment so I am just collecting all the bits of news and interviews into one blog. As the show is aired and we know more I intend to write episode guides, analysis, wallpapers and all the other stuff you’d want from a fan site. Thanks for the comment though.

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