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Ricky Gervais Blog Updates First week of filming

Here are some Life’s Too Short related blog updates from Ricky Gervais over the past week. They officially began filming last Monday:

Day 1:

First day of filming today. It went so well I’m worried. It was TOO easy. We’re going to find out there was no film in the camera or something. Warwick was fantastic. The comedy sensation of next year methinks.

Good to hear Davis is as funny as always:

Day 2:

Getting up early.

Day 3:

Another weird and wonderful day on Life’s Too Short.

Ricky Gervais and Warwick Davis in a bad neighbourhood

I told Warwick he will be able to move out of this neighbourhood next year when he wins an Emmy.

He said, “Maybe I could share in the profits if the show takes off like The Office?”

I said, “Just cut the fucking grass.”


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