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Ricky Gervais reveals more about Life’s Too Short on 5 Live

Ricky Gervais recently appeared on Richard Bacon’s 5 Live show and shared some new details about Life’s Too Short the new BBC2 show he’s currently working on with Stephen Merchant and Warwick Davis.

  • The show, like Extras, will be a joint BBC / HBO production, presumably airing on both channels roughly at the same time.
  • Filming begins June / July 2011 with a view to broadcasting sometime in the Autumn
  • It will be in the style of a fake documentary, like The Office
  • In the Show Warwick Davis’s exaggerated alter-ego is going through a messy divorce while his career as a showbiz-dwarf is on the slide. His character has agreed to do the documentary because he has big tax-bills.
  • Again, Ricky and Stephen play themselves and Ricky reveals that in the show Davis keeps bothering them “Are you doing anymore extras”… the show almost parodies the way TV has become so heavily voyeuristic with people living their lives “as an open wound”.

[Ricky starts talking about Life’s Too Short from 2:15 onwards]

Click here for the full interview. It’s well worth watching. It begins with Gervais cracking up at some amazing impressions by Jon Culshaw.

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