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Ricky Gervais talks from the set of Life’s Too Short

Richard Bacon interviews Ricky Gervais from a disused airport on the set of Life’s Too Short:

New facts that have come out of this interview:

  • He’s on set with him and 25 Dwarves!
  • Davis’s character is described as a bit of a bastard who rips off the other dwarves in his talent agency
  • There are a few more cameos of “Johnny Depp Calibre”
  • They don’t want to give away the identify of these cameos because they want the focus to remain on the story and not the celebrities.
  • Again Ricky sounds extremely passionate and emphasises that the show will cover similar themes to his previous TV projects The Office and Extras: realism, ego, faux-pa, embarrassment etc.
  • They started filming on Monday and it’s going “too well”
  • Ricky and Stephen believe it is the “funniest thing they’ve ever done” and that unlike the pathos of Extras or the romance of The Office Life’s Too Short will mostly focus on the comedy.


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