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Ricky talks to Empire Magazine about Life’s Too Short

Thanks to BritishHobo over at Pilkipedia for transcribing the interesting bits from an small article in the August issue of Empire Magazine where Ricky Gervais talks Life’s Too Short

(On the show itself):
It’s an observational comedy about what it’s like to be short in a tall world. But because it stars Warwick Davis, the world’s most famous film-star dwarf, playing a self-obsessed, power-crazed version of himself, every episode sees him get his comeuppance – not least because he’s using the acting agency he runs, called Dwarves For Hire, to steal all the good jobs for himself.

(On ‘mining the life of the legendary Ewok for ideas’):
When he goes shopping, he first goes to the broom section to get one so that he can knock the food he wants off shelves and into his basket. And Irish people try to touch him for good luck. So we’ve given Warwick ‘small man syndrome’ – even though he’s a dwarf.

(On writing the rest of the series):
We need to work out whether there’s enough material there to stretch over an entire series and make it as funny as we think it can be.

He also confirms that they have mapped out at least six episodes of the show. Hurrah!

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