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Warwick Davis Talks about Life’s Too Short on Jonathan Ross

Warwick Davis confirmed Life’s Too Short on the Jonathan Ross show yesterday. In the clip he gives out several details about the show:

  • He will play himself in the show but, as we knew, an exaggerated version of himself. A lot of the comedy will come not from Warwick being short but how people react to him.
  • Davis will be playing a more “egotistical” version of himself, a Warwick Davis with an extreme case of “small man syndrome”. Gervais and Merchant have done similar things before when they turned Orlando Bloom into self-centered and petty egomaniac (hilariously jealous of Johnny Depp’s popularity) in the second series of Extras (video below).
  • They’re shooting a pilot at the end of June 2010 with a view to going to series.
  • Ricky and Steve will be playing themselves as well.

You can watch the full video here:

And here’s the hilarious Orlando Bloom clip from Extras Season 2

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