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Warwick Davis talks to MTV about Life’s Too Short

MTV have put up a short little clip of Warwick Davis talking to them about his new show Life’s Too Short. It’s less than 2 minutes long but in it we learn a surprising fact: the original idea for the show didn’t come from Gervais & Merchant, but rather it was Warwick Davis’s idea that he sent to them for feedback. They loved it and agreed to help write it with him!

Knowing what we do about the standards of comedy that Gervais & Merchant maintain this bodes extremely well for the show and Davis’s chops as a comedy writer and actor. If the idea and tape Warwick filmed weren’t funny there’s no way they’d have eagerly jumped on board so quickly, after all, Warwick says in the interview that he only sent the tape he filmed to them to ask them if it was funny or not.

Davis also reveals a little more about his character on the show, saying:

I have a much bigger ego on the show, if that’s possible [laughs], and so we all play exaggerated versions of ourselves, and the personal life I have in the series is quite different to my true personal life. But I do talk about [in the show] being in Star Wars, Harry Potter & Willow, I’m obsessed with the film Willow and the fact that they’re going to have to make a Willo 2.

I’m getting really excited for this now!

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